Trust is an important and correct basis for collaborative work. However sadly enough during most undertakings the fair and confiding work relationship from the beginning phase cannot be sustained throughout an entire project. Personal or commercial changes of one associate are one of the most common reasons for such unpleasant „climate change“.

At this point a contract would have a helpful regulating input in the process. The contract serves as a foundation for observing rules and the continuation of a peaceful atmosphere to reach once determined common goals. To prevent that in the worst case you are taken advantage of, we strongly suggest that all agreements are recorded in written form. These recordings serve as a foundation for the potential work of lawyers, legal service and ultimately the court. Before entering into a contract, be it with new or already known business acquaintance, it is crucial to select the legal issues that apply to your own project. Once you have an overview over the maze of rules and regulations and understand the meaning and consequences applicable to your own project you can use these to strengthen your position in upcoming negotiations.

The invention of printing by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450 introduced an era of development that lead to the first consistent protection act in 1871 and ultimately enforced the copyright act in 1966 in the Republic of Germany. Now, by the 21st century our society is shaped by information and an overload of digital multimedia products. The sheer volume of projects overwhelms non-professionals understandably and acts as a constant challenge even for professionals.

Charged legal advice by experienced lawyers is an imperative necessity in some disputes. We offer the service of an independent and trustworthy assistance beforehand and will advise you in your personal assessment of audiovisual productions. If you are keen to be continuously successful, reliable and competent know-how is key. Simply ask us!