... the production of multimedia projects on short notice, as well as the high technical standards of studios available at the moment. The equipping of the Studio was performed not only with present, but also future requirements in mind. Next to a well-thought out and integrated cable management system as well individual construction concepts and selecting suppliers on a competitive basis, special attention was turned to constructing comfortable facilities with an intelligent infrastructure. The guidelines to our concept were three pillars. 1. Precision manufacturing of all sound-affecting components, using only elements of utmost quality. 2. Appealing as well as functional studio design and interior. 3. Cost effectiveness in regard to cost-intensive investments.
The heart of our studio system is a highly productive Digital Audio Workstation, set up with excellent and carefully selected elements, produced and acoustically optimized by the CS-Soundlabor. Flanked by numerous slave and backup computers the DAW allows for 64-fold oversampling rate in exquisite adjustment with the high-end audio-interface Liquid Saffire 56 made by Focusrite for crystal clear signal transmission with finest details and resolution.
Through a high jitter minimization the latency-free Saffire DSP signal routing software as well as the prize-winning Liquid preamps, recordings of highest quality are guaranteed. As for our software we have decided on the music program Cubase made by Steinberg. Dependability, a diverse possibility of applications as well as an easy operability and large community have done it justice as being the number one worldwide.
Yet however enticing the technical possibilities, the immaculate interplay amongst the components was taken into special consideration. Only after successful testing in demanding conditions make „Solo Stars“ a dependable and efficient team. An effective and smooth workflow in a pleasant working environment is more than ever a requirement for demanding productions to be carried out profitably and on time.
The Hacienda Sound Studios lie in the heart of Hamburg, close to the Alster in the popular and beautiful composers’ quarter. Efficient and creative work in the vicinity of the Bach, Beethoven, Mozart or Schubert Street is at the same time a challenge and an obligation.