The creative language of an effective visual composition is a fascinating and impressive craft. We see the various divisions of visual design as a large family, that don’t compete but complete each other in the best possible way. If skilfully applied, visual design can fuel the power of imagination and tear down its limits. A close examination of the areas film, photography and design is an endless source of diverse inspiration with great potential.

Isn’t the field of media already oversaturated? As a result of new technologies such as mobile units or combined digital internet and television units, the visual media will surely rise to be the central mass medium of upcoming years. Once you have positively established yourself in the long-term memory of clients and viewers, you will have the benefit of a lasting good impression. Define your image with help of high-quality work and stand out from the mass of haphazard productions.


Moving Images

The human being is best reached when both the visual and auditory senses are spoken to with emotional visual footage and atmospheric sound worlds. A combination of both auditory and visual stimulation allows conveying a message on all levels. With a film or video production you have the possibility to reach all senses of your target group.

Make use of the variety of sources and possibilities of the cinematographic ways of expression. Allow your corporate identity, culture and values to be experienced in all dimensions. Communicate these factors internally as well as externally to reach business partners, clients and co-workers. By using excellent visuals and impressive sounds you have the benefit of reaching your target group on an intuitive and emotional level. Whether you are planning a glossy image film or fascinating documentary, a modern feature or informative report – make use of our passion for the creation of visual projects and experience the success of provoking profound and long-lasting emotions in your clients.

Still Images

Photography and visual arts are by no means in competition to the modern and omniscient moving images. A photography has a very own substantial and peaceful quality and triggers the power of imagination.

Entice your viewers with a charming and stylish depiction of works with substance. Now more than ever photography and visual arts are substantial elements of design. When taking a closer look at the possibilities regarding photography one will find that there are various opportunities including digitalised slide shows – an attractive form of presentation of digitalised photo albums with a selection of title texts, movement sequences and music.

Art & Design

When realizing a project in the context of visual arts, creativity and the skilful use of materials are as important as persistence and an open-minded attitude. When these qualities come together, new projects can be crafted on a high-level. Intertwining engagement, openness and enthusiasm can result in remarkable projects with a unique character. Not only the uniqueness of the object itself as much the attractive visualization as well as the functionality are important to us.

By changing the perspective we offer a new point of view and create a platform for adjusting your senses and gathering new input and experiences.

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