Do you need information regarding whimsical terminologies such as ARTSYS, DCR, IFPI or KSK?

15 years ago we founded the independent label ROCK ROSE RECORDS in Hamburg. Ever since then we are listed as a registered manufacturer of sound carriers with the GVL (Collecting society for neighbouring rights) under the Label number LC-02700. Similar to the thirteen digit EAN product code, the five digit LC code serves as a method of identification in the utilisation of music. The LC code allows for the exact and computerised capture of airtime for example in radio or television stations.

Next to the individually arranged performance agreements, the „Werk-für-Werk“ contract with the GEMA allows for fast and uncomplicated reproductions, especially regarding low numbers of initial copies. Of course the mandatory sampling of specimen copies for sound archives and radio stations and the forward-looking TRISYS use of the GVL-Data billing system are only two of our basic services.

In order for you to lead your project to well-deserved success, we are glad to help with all questions concerning publicising opportunities, copyright laws, GEMA registration and ISRC coding, during the final audio mastering phase. On request we are happy to provide our ISRC, EAN and Label code.

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