Publishing Company


... such as the online publishing systems, professional concepts are developed in collaboration with the artist/right holder. The goal always remains the same: Successful commercial realization. For all of those following the strategy of a long-term sustainable career is of great help to have a trustworthy and competent partner at your side. The right publishing company can advance to be one of the most important business partners of the right holder.

What is the income situation of the performing artist? Recognition of the work does not suffice for financial survival. The appreciation of the artist’s work in financial form is the basis of mere existence for any artist/right holder. One of the key tasks is to know the rights of the artists, as well as protecting them and using them for commercial realization. Due to a variety of income possibilities an effective control of accounts and the surveillance of earnings performance is essential. Being entitled to a percentage share an active publishing company is always making an effort to generate profitable revenue for its right holders.

The most important tasks of the publishers are the management and administration of national and international royalty statements, the distribution of copyright collectives and the copyright enforcement for foreign language versions as well as publications abroad, cover versions and remixes. Personal recommendations and negotiation with interested labels, supplying compositions for artists without own material for songs or lyrics, supplying of company owned song material for artists signed by the publishing company, and offering song material are one of the many jobs a publishing company focuses on. Other jobs include the search for new talent and song material.

With an eye on the development of national artists, that burn for their craft and have the great desire to share their work with the public, the Sound Hacienda Publishing Company has made it their task to discover and coach talent. The focal point of this mission is a fair partnership with personal and individual assistance on the basis of the „win-win philosophy“. We are most certain that the worldwide music industry, with its constant change due to digital innovations, the internet and endless availability, is the medium of the future. That being a given the music industry allows artists and newcomers to establish themselves, if we, together with composers and lyricists work on a long-term strategy for successfully commercializing their intellectual property.